periscope-1500x844-600x338Improve your “Social Life” With Live streaming!

Live streaming or live video broadcasts are the wave of the future. Social media is changing and the way we interact on it and with it. 2015 was the first year in which social media live streams became a thing, so it’s still early in evaluating early returns from brands integrating the feature into their social media marketing strategy. In other words, live streams are carving out a niche even early in their adoption process, suggesting the promise of this new technology as it moves more into the realm of general, “every day” users.

Social Media Examiner recently posted 6 ways to use live streaming video on social media to benefit your business:

Share Live Events. This is perhaps the most obvious use of social media live streaming: allow members of your audience who can’t join you in person to still take part of an important company event. Whether you hold an awards banquet or moderate a panel at a popular conference within your industry, live streaming the event can increase the impact of your efforts beyond your physical attendees.

Host Interviews. Interviews are a great way for your audience to get to know members of your company, and even other customers – but too often, the recorded versions seem stilted and over produced. Instead, live stream spontaneous interviews, which will make your brand seem more relatable and personable.

Showcase Products. Whether you produce products or provide services, why not show your audience exactly what it is that your products/services do? A quick, live presentation may carry a small risk (you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong, after all), but also brings the significant benefit of authentically showing the benefits of your product to your customers.

Go Behind the Scenes. A behind the scenes look is popular for many social media marketers who already use video extensively, but again – it simply becomes more authentic if you do so live, without an obvious script. Instead of seeming like you only want to show your audience certain aspects behind the scenes, your brand’s transparency and credibility greatly increases.

Conduct Training. Of course, you can also use live streaming for internal communication, helping your own employees understand and perform their job better. Used another way, trainings can also help your customers get more familiar with your products after the purchase.

Host Q&A Sessions. The benefits are obvious; Q&A sessions allow you to interact directly with your audience to communicate your brand and answer any questions they might have.

So what are the top Live Streaming apps?

Periscope is a live-streaming app that connects to your Twitter account. When you open the Periscope app on your smartphone, you can start broadcasting a live recording from your mobile device. Periscope has been used for more that 200 million broadcasts since its launch in March 2015. Periscope users also watch around 110 years (or close to 1 million hours) of live streams every single day, according to the company.

Facebook Live is a similar app in the sense that you can broadcast real-time video to your audience; rather than broadcasting on Twitter, however, this app lets you share real-time video with your audience on Facebook.

Busker is a platform to broadcast live and engage with viewers. Anyone can showcase a talent, share a passion or discuss a product they love. The audience can join in and post comments and questions, support a host or even buy a product straight from the video.  With Busker everyone can experience the incredible energy and rewards of a shared live moment, like never before.

Live-streaming apps are letting businesses broadcast their message in real-time to countless people around the world. Ready to improve your social life with live streaming? We can help!

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